Moving Tips

Moving Tips

As soon as you know you are moving, whether it’s a planned move or not, contact Acts 1 Moving Services, LLC for a free estimate and to book your chosen date. If it’s in the summer we just can’t stress how important it is to get your date booked and secured as slots go very quickly.

After you assess your needs, order your packing supplies or let us know if you need our professional packing services, so we can set up a schedule.

As you receive your supplies and start packing, remember to label the sides of your boxes more so than the tops as this will make them easily identifiable even when they are stacked.

A Few Helpful Reminders

About at least two weeks before your moving day;

New house in the cardboard box - real estate concept - 3d render

Don’t forget your change of address with the local post office.

Call your local utilities

Notify your cable company

Contact your internet company

As you get closer to moving day, reconfirm with Acts 1 Moving Services, LLC. We also confirm your day and time with you at least two days before the actual move.

Inform Acts 1 Moving Services, LLC about any parking regulations for your street and if any permits should be requested. Any street permits obtained are at the expense of the customer.

As much as you can move and separate any boxes with fragile items which should be clearly marked. Inform our movers about them as soon as they arrive.

Empty drawers of loose items into one or two boxes as movers will not be able to move items not packed.

On the day of your move, sit back and relax. We will be there to do the excellent and professional job we promised.