Moving Resources

Moving ResourcesResources are an absolute must in making your move as smooth as possible. Acts 1 Moving Services, LLC offer for your convenience, a wide and varied selection of moving resources to meet your packing needs.

Aside from the actual moving day, packing can be one of the most trying and consuming aspects of your move, whether it be a big or small one.

If you are all organized and maybe just need a couple boxes to finish off or it’s almost moving day and you have no idea where to start, we have the supplies, moving resources and man-power you need.

We have had customers with last minute moves who had no idea what to do or even what they needed and we were able to provide the moving resources as well as offer suggestions on packing and preparing for the movers when they get there.

Our list of moving resources include boxes of different sizes. You want to be sure and use the right boxes for the right type of items.

Our recommendations for boxes are:


Small box

Medium Box

Large Box

Dish Box















Books, tapes, toiletries

Linens, sheets, towels,

Tools, toys, comforters

Dishes, pots, glassware

Lamps and fittings

Pictures, mirrors,

dresses, suits, shoes

Additional Moving Resources

Tape to secure your boxes

Bubble wrap to help protect and cushion the contents of the boxes

Mattress covers are also available as part of our moving resources.

Acts 1 Moving also makes available packing services, if you find that you have more things than time and we offer this at our very affordable rates. We provide this service with the same excellence as we do in all our moves.

Valuable moving resource from our Moving Tips page:

Consider donating any stuff in good condition that you may not want to carry to your new place. Some organizations even offer to pick up the donations, saving you precious time.

Salvation Army


Big brothers Big Sisters