Moving Day

Moving Day
Moving day is here! This is the day you have been planning for either a long while or it came on you suddenly as a last minute emergency move. Either way we at Acts 1 are here for you on Moving Day.

To make everything go as smoothly as possible, we put things in place first of all by calling you a day or two before and to reaffirm our commitment to be there on the scheduled date and time.

Few Important Moving Day Reminders

If there were any parking permits acquired we remind you to keep them handy or you always have the option of emailing us a copy so we can print it out and have it displayed on the truck throughout moving day .

Contact is very important we know, so we always encourage the foreman on your specific job to call as soon as the team leaves for your home.

When they arrive, after introducing themselves, the foreman always take a few minutes to go over important details that are covered on the moving invoice. Then would be a good time to share any concerns you may have about thing like fragile stuff you want wrapped, or other furniture you want disassembled if you haven’t already discussed that with us. With all that taken care of your move is about to begin.

Relax! We are the professionals and we at Acts 1 Moving Services, LLC are here to do the job for you.

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